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Living in an apartment doesn’t have to mean living without plants. Gardening on a small scale can be enjoyable 和 fulfilling. Experts will enjoy focusing their attention on a few of the more exotic 和 exciting species, while 线上现金网平台公寓ing for beginners may mean getting to know some spectacular, easy-to-grow plants that can help you find your green thumb. Let’s take a look at some ideas for urban gardening in apartments.

Apartment Gardening Ideas Outdoors

Outdoor container gardens for apartment dwellers is much easier if you use self-浇水 containers with reservoirs that hold enough water to keep the soil moist without constant attention. Outdoor containers, particularly those in 充足的阳光, dry out quickly on hot days 和 may need 浇水 more than once a day in the heat of summer. With a self-浇水 container, you don’t have to arrange your life around a 浇水 schedule.

天井阳台 are ideal places for plants. Before you buy your plants, watch to see how much sun your space receives. Eight hours of direct sunlight per day is considered 充足的阳光. 4到6个小时 局部阴影 和 less than four hours is 阴影. Evaluate the space in spring or summer after all the surrounding trees 和 shrubs are in full leaf 和 choose plants appropriate for the amount of light available.

Do you use your outdoor space more in the daytime or at night? White 和 pastel flowers show best at night, while deep blues 和 purples need sunlight to show off their colors. If you enjoy a relaxing evening outdoors, consider growing plants that release their fragrance at night, 如 烟草月光花.

For small spaces, choose plants that grow up rather than out. Bushy shrubs can soften the appearance of the patio, but they take up a lot of space. Choose columnar or pyramidal plants for tight spaces.

Urban gardening in apartments should be a pleasure, not a chore. 如果你缺少时间, you’ll have lots of lovely plants to choose from that need very little attention. If you want a challenge, you’ll find plenty of plants that fill that need, too. 最重要的是, choose plants that thrive in your 线上现金网平台公寓 conditions, 看起来很好, 很适合这个空间, 并向你们呼吁.

Apartment Gardening Guide 室内s

Learn to make the most of your indoor gardening space by choosing plants that grow well in a variety of different locations. Reserve bright windowsills for flowering plants that need lots of sun. Plants with bright or variegated foliage, 如 the 圆点植物巴豆, develop the best color near a bright window but out of direct light. 和平百合铸铁厂 are noted for their ability to thrive in dim corners 和 recesses of your apartment.

Small potted plants look more appealing in groups. Placing them in small clusters raises the humidity in the surrounding air 和 results in healthier plants. 挂篮 are a great way to display trailing plants 和 it leaves tabletops for plants that are best seen at or below eye level.

Small trees add tranquility 和 tropical appeal to an indoor setting. 请记住 手掌 不能修剪吗. Palms grow slowly 和 if you choose small specimens, you’ll save money 和 enjoy them for several years. 室内 果树 和 flowering trees need long periods of bright sunlight every day.

Filling your indoor space with plants creates a relaxing environment 和 helps 净化空气. 和平百合, pothos, 常春藤 are among the easiest plants to grow 和 NASA studies have shown that they filter toxins 如 ammonia, 甲醛, 还有空气中的苯. Other good plants that improve air quality include 枣椰树, 橡胶植物, 哭泣的无花果.

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