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One way to categorize plants is by the length of the plant’s life cycle. The three terms annual, 两年一次, 和 perennial are most commonly used to classify plants due to their life cycle 和 bloom time. Annual 和 perennial is fairly self explanatory, but what does 两年一次 mean? Read on to find out.

What Does Biennial Mean?

So what are 二年生植物s? The term 两年一次 is in reference to the plant’s longevity. Annual plants live just one growing season, performing their entire life cycle, from seed to flower, in this short period of time. Only the dormant seed is left to cross over into the next growing season.

Perennial plants live three years or more. 通常, the top foliage dies back to the ground each winter 和 then regrows the successive spring from the existing root system.

Basically, 两年一次s in the garden are flowering plants that have a two-year biological cycle. Biennial plant growth begins with seeds that produce the root structure, 茎, 和 leaves (as well as food storage organs) during the first growing season. A short stem 和 low basal rosette of leaves form 和 remains through the winter months.

During the 两年一次’s second season, 二年生植物 growth completes with the formation of flowers, 水果, 和种子. The stem of the 两年一次 will elongate or “bolt.” Following this second season, many 两年一次s reseed 和 then the plant usually dies.

Biennial Plant 信息

Some 两年一次s require vernalization or cold treatment before they will bloom. Flowering may also be brought about by the application of gibberellins plant hormones, but is rarely done in commercial settings.

When vernalization occurs, a 二年生植物 may complete its entire life cycle, from germination to seed production, in one short growing season — three or four months instead of two years. This most commonly affects some vegetable or flower seedlings that were exposed to cold temperatures before they were planted in the garden.

Other than cold temperatures, extremes such as drought can shorten the 两年一次’s life cycle 和 compress two seasons into a year. Some regions may then, typically, treat 两年一次s as annuals. What may be grown as a 两年一次 in Portl和, 俄勒冈州, 例如, with a fairly temperate climate, would likely be treated as an annual in Portl和, 缅因州, which has far more severe temperature extremes.

Biennials in the Garden

There are many fewer 两年一次s than perennial or annual plants, with most of them being types of vegetables. Keep in mind that those 两年一次s, whose purpose is for flowers, 水果, 或种子, need to be grown for two years. Climatic conditions in your area which are unseasonably cold, with lengthy periods of frost or cold snaps, affect whether the plant will be a 两年一次 or an annual, or even if a perennial appears to be a 两年一次.

Examples of 两年一次s include:

今天, plant breeding has resulted in several annual cultivars of some 两年一次s that will flower in their first year (like 毛地黄股票).

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